Tire & Wheel Lift LM-200

  • Air Operated
  • Easy to Use
  • Made in the USA


Increase the productivity in your shop. The QSP air powered mobile lift assists technicians with everyday work and makes those tasks easier. The tire and wheel assembly of some passenger cars, SUVs and trucks can weigh as much as 160 lbs., making it very difficult for one person to comfortably and safely lift and set in place. The lift also allows the tire and wheel assembly to spin for single lug nut alignment.  The air powered mobile tire lift is a powerful and efficient tool for mounting and transporting the tire and wheel assembly to the balancer or tire changer. Offers a practical solution for every workshop environment.

  • Model: LM-200
  • Rise at rollers: 41”  (104 cm)
  • Lug nut position: 48” to 56”  (122 cm to  142 cm)
  • Height: 61 1/2 ”  (156 cm)
  • Width: 20”  (50 cm)
  • Lenght: 30” (76 cm)
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Lifting capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Rise time: 6 seconds

Additional information

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