« Lifts are not a sideline with us »

– Clifford Underwood

Clifford Underwood, Fondateur

In  1950, Clifford Underwood would roll up his sleeves and with great effort and determination would start a small business located in his basement.  His endeavors would go on to become what Clifford Underwood Hydraulics is today:  specialists in the sale, installations and repairs of lifts and compressors.

Starting off, each installation demanded much effort from Clifford Underwood because he would have to do each job manually. From breaking up the cement with a pick and shovel to the sweat of his brow with only a helper by his side. As the years went on, with the help of his wife and his hard work and perseverance he was able to make his small business well renowned in the industry.

In 1972, with his son Norman at his side, they expanded the company by acquiring the building they are now located on Lafrenaie street, in St-Leonard’s industrial park. Since then, four of his eight children manage what has grown into one of the leaders in the garage equipment industry, serving many reputable clients.

The family tradition continues with great success.

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