Features of the Universal drive-through:

  • 100% acess to all moving or removable parts, including transmission, muffler, wheels, shocks, springs, front-end and tires.
  • Completely eliminates low-handling clearance problems when driving the car on the lift. Arms and lifting pads are outside the vehicle.
  • Single post lift with transmission clearance equal to any two-post lift
  • Provides a working height of 18″ between the lift crossmember and the vehicle
  • Provides built-in workbench across full width of vehicle
  • Gives total muffler and tailpipe clearance by extending arm from  outside of the frame.
  • Accessible arms on the outside provide quicker spotting on the lift. Eliminated ‘’fishing’’ for arms when placing pads under lifting points
  • Single-post lift installation and operation economy
  • A non-rotating device is a built-in feature. An automatic safety latch is optional at a nominal extra cost.
  • Single post semi-hydraulic hoist shall have 10 5/8 ‘ piston with a stroke of 68″.
  • Drive through 18″ deep swivel arm superstructure
  • Capacity: 8000 lbs at 150 p.s.i.

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